8/15/16: 5 Image Sequence – Video Prologue

Ralph DelamarterNews & Events

At the June 20 meeting of the Cascade Camera Club John Stewart provided some thought provoking narrative about the creation of video. John challenged us to create our own sequence of stills. As a result, we are going to move our member videos to the program night in October and the August program night will feature 5 images sequences from club members. John will facilitate the member submissions discussion.

The assignment:
Create five horizontal images (landscape mode) that affect one another as a first step in the filmmaking process. The subject matter can be about a person (or animal), place, process, or event. Emphasis should be on creating images that include medium shots, close ups, and long shots. Think of directing the viewers’ eye to important information that tells your story.

A sequence is an important building block in a film. There are many sequences in a scene and many scenes in a completed film. Experiment and have fun seeing what you can create with five images.

Submission – Submit these five images in the same way you always have through the website using the same format for your images. You can use your own title or simply label the images “video” followed by the numbers 1 through 5. For example your images title could start as “Video_1” or “Playing in the Mud_1”. You must include a sequence number to assure that the images are displayed in the correct order. Example: photographer_title_1_2_, etc.