Photoshop Tip – Copying A Layer

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Photoshop Tip – Copying A Layer from one image to another By Tim Grey – By Permission of Tim Grey Question: When I want to add an image I’ve edited in Photoshop as a layer in another image, I can flatten the image, select all, copy, switch to the 2nd image and then paste in place and it appears as … Read More

Where Have All The Filters Gone

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Where Have All The Filters Gone? By Robert Agli Rob Kerr, a photojournalist of some renown, wrote to me after reading a piece I did on creativity. He suggested that I had overlooked the curator as an important part of the creative process. That got me thinking of all the aspects of the creative process and how the “filters” they … Read More

Another View – Looking

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Another View – Looking By Robert Agli Well over a half century ago I dimly recall our entire photography class being herded outside by our instructor and told to pick a spot, any spot. We were then told that we must remain in that spot and compose and shoot 36 frames and every frame must be a different, meaningful composition. … Read More