8/15/16: 5 Image Sequence – Video Prologue

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At the June 20 meeting of the Cascade Camera Club John Stewart provided some thought provoking narrative about the creation of video. John challenged us to create our own sequence of stills. As a result, we are going to move our member videos to the program night in October and the August program night will feature 5 images sequences from club … Read More

Where Have All The Filters Gone

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Where Have All The Filters Gone? By Robert Agli Rob Kerr, a photojournalist of some renown, wrote to me after reading a piece I did on creativity. He suggested that I had overlooked the curator as an important part of the creative process. That got me thinking of all the aspects of the creative process and how the “filters” they … Read More

Another View – Looking

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Another View – Looking By Robert Agli Well over a half century ago I dimly recall our entire photography class being herded outside by our instructor and told to pick a spot, any spot. We were then told that we must remain in that spot and compose and shoot 36 frames and every frame must be a different, meaningful composition. … Read More