My Image Looks Different When Projected At Critique Night Or When Printed

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Why Does My Image Always Look Brighter When Projected at the Club


Why Does My Image Always Look Darker When Printed?


If you have ever uttered these words or even thought them then Monday’s Program Night is a must for you.  Furthermore if your colors look flat or different this program is also a must for you.

Here is a spoiler alert…  It’s not the projector!

Robert Agli will discuss how to properly set up your digital darkroom and why it is important.  This will include a layman’s explanation of color space and how it applies to your everyday photography. This will not be a dry, boring “techie” talk about color theory.  This is down to earth real world application learned the hard way by cracking all the voodoo mystery the “purported experts” like to use to confuse and impress photographers.

Get ready to learn about the great printing conspiracy, why what you learned in kindergarten about coloring within the lines is still relevant and why white is really a white lie!

One final warning…  If you miss this presentation and announce at future exhibits that your images don’t look like that at home prepare to be booed by the audience