George Lepp Is Featured for January 21st Program

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He will give us a sneak preview of the keynote presentation he is preparing for the 21st Annual Nature Photography Summit in February 2019, where he will be receiving the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Nature Photography Association (see In his 45-minute presentation, he will be sharing his most significant images and offering his perspectives on … Read More

May 21st 2018 Program Night – Gary Clark

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Gary and Lynn Clark have pursued birds and other wildlife with a camera on all seven continents. In 2018 they returned to Africa for a private safari in Botswana. This presentation will attempt to give the viewer a feeling for that experience in a country that specializes in nature-based tourism. It is in the form of a video that includes … Read More


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Pick five of your images and you’ll have five minutes to talk about them.  They don’t have to have been previously submitted, but they can be.  You’ll have 5 minutes from the time your name is announced to present and talk about your 5 images, including any comments from the audience.    

MEN ON STOOLS – November 20th Program Night – Ric Ergenbright, Jonathan Kingston, and George Lepp

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It’s rare to have 3 men of this outstanding calibur able to join us for a panel discussion evening of everything photography. Ric Ergenbright, Jonathan Kingston, and George Lepp will cover topics such as the future of photography and personal motivation  — from technical to philosophical and everything inbetween. Featured panel is Ric Ergenbright, Jonathan Kingston, and George Lepp, all … Read More

Plug-Ins and Stand-Alones: October 16th Program

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There are a number of third party software programs which work inside of, as plug-ins or as stand-alones to photo editing software such as Photoshop, etc. These programs offer additional opportunities, short cuts, or filters for optimizing your image in post production. We will present a few of these options which are used by our members.

George Lepp Is Presenting the July Program

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George is presenting his program “Flowering Places”. It will illustrate the many places he’s been to photograph flowers from our local bear grass to the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens in Holland. This would be a good program for spouses/significant others/friends/etc., to enjoy.

May 15th Program – Tyler Hulett

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Tyler is a filmmaker and Ph.D student for Oregon Health and Science. His work has been displayed in projects and programs by: Vimeo Staff Pick, National Geographic, Business Insider, OPB, Alpine Labs, and Story & Heart. He works mostly with time-lapse and astrophotography. His program will focus on his experiences with these two areas of photography.