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Welcome to the best camera club in central Oregon. The Cascade Camera Club first opened its doors in April, 1946. From its onset, its mission statement has been: “The Club shall be organized and operated exclusively for social, charitable, and educational purposes that (1) promote interest in photography, (2) promote knowledge of photography, and (3) improve photographic skills of members.” As President, during my stewardship, I hope to inspire you to grow your passion about all things photographic: perfecting your photographic technique; gaining historical insight from the pioneers of the industry; learning how to visualize and compose images in entirely new ways. The opportunities are limitless. We look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Wendy Caro, President

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The goal of the Cascade Camera Club is to provide a positive learning environment in which to experience the art of photography.

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The Cascade Camera Club has committees that execute activities of the club. The Program committee chairs arrange speakers for the club’s program meetings. The committee seeks presentations that are timely, educational, and entertaining. The Mixed Media committee chair manages member submissions for all digital critiques and programs as deemed necessary, including member video program night. The Membership committee chair registers new members and maintains the club roster.

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We welcome all no matter what your skill level! We are about fun and education! With monthly image exhibitions and programs, we are a great community resource for photography!